When it comes to outdoor landscape lighting for the Phoenix DIY’er, there are some basics that may have you confused — don’t worry, lots of people get hung up on the basics when it comes to outdoor landscape lighting. If you want to get a lot out of a little, getting back to the basics will take you a long way!

The Impact of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

outdoor landscape lighting at your Phoenix home or business can make such a huge impact. Your eyes need far less light outside than they do inside so seeing light, shadows, and patterns is much easier when you are in the outdoors. When you plan your outdoor landscape lighting, you should walk around your outdoors areas at night to get a good idea of what places in your yard could benefit from outdoor landscape lighting. If you look around and notice areas you are not getting much use out of at night, you will want to start with those areas first to open up your yard.

Basics of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Lighting seen in the middle of the day is much different than how it is seen during the night. A major difference is when it comes to pathways and similar outdoor spaces. There are some similarities though. outdoor landscape lighting is based on intensity, quality of the light being emitted, and color. If you look at the packaging of a lightbulb, you can usually find the range of kelvins, which ranges from a very red tone to a blue tone — 1800 kelvins is a red tone, and 7500 kelvins is a blue white tone.

Choosing Bulbs for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

outdoor landscape lighting provides lighting for a whole area of space and the task is used for a specific purpose, such as lighting a pathway. Accent lighting is meant to draw one’s attention to an area or specific object — accent lighting is usually done through the use of spotlights or floodlights. When you design start to design your color scheme, you can expect to use a variety of different bulbs meant for use in fixtures outside. Certain kinds of bulbs produce a stronger light, and others last much longer. Incandescent bulbs are a kind of bulb that emits nice lighting but have a short life. Halogen light bulbs are more efficient and last a long time. Florescent light bulbs consume little energy and are available in an array of color. LED are the most expensive but do last a very long time and are low energy bulbs.