Exterior lighting techniques can create a unique and vivid nighttime scene for any landscape when used appropriately. There are a wide range of techniques that can be used to bring out the best features of a landscape. Each landscape is a unique canvas to experiment with exterior lighting techniques such as spread lighting, moon lighting, grazing and others. Everything can be adjusted in an exterior lighting scheme including the fixtures and lighting angles to create a unique theme.

Spread Lighting

Spread lighting is an exterior lighting technique that uses low level lighting for different types of ground cover such as flowers, small bushes, and others. Fully shielded fixtures are used to reduce any glare. Spread lighting can be used to highlight low level plants but it can also be used as an exterior lighting technique for an outdoor pond. Color lenses can be used for underwater spread lighting to create different environmental effects. Partially shielded fixtures can also be used to create more lighting on plants with thicker leaves.

Moon Lighting

Moon lighting is an exterior lighting technique that places the fixture in a tree or other object and points it downward to create a feeling of natural light that covers a large area. As the name suggests, this exterior lighting technique creates a moonlight-like lighting effect on a tree or other object. The fixture is shielded and it should be placed as high up in the tree as possible for the best effect. By placing the fixture high up and pointing it downward, the light looks like moonlight shining through the trees branches and creates a peaceful and natural appeal as well as unique shadows on the ground.


Grazing is a simple lighting technique that places a fixture approximately 6 inches from the base of a wall or other object and points it upward at a 90 degree angle. This exterior lighting technique is used to show off the texture of a stone wall or other vertical textured object by creating a unique shadowing pattern and highlighting the intricacies of the texture. The angle can be adjusted to accentuate different patterns on the wall and create different shadowing. Grazing can also be used on tree trunks and columns or other vertical structures.


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