LED lighting has become increasingly popular for exterior lighting setups in backyards. Although higher prices might deter some buyers from using LED fixtures in exterior lighting, the higher price can be well worth it for the many benefits that LED lights provide in an exterior lighting scheme. Using halogen or other lights in exterior lighting can be troublesome as halogen lights often end up going out sooner than expected and are more fragile. Let the experts at Innovative Lighting & Design walk you through the benefits of LED exterior lighting…


LED lights are more resilient to breaking and can tolerate voltage spikes, so they generally last much longer than other types of lights. They typically last five to ten times as long as traditional bulbs and many of them come with a warranty.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights are more energy efficient than CFL bulbs and other bulbs, and use just half of the energy of CFL bulbs. LED bulbs are much more durable than other types which increase their resiliency in an outdoor environment to breaking.


LED lights also add a dramatic effect to backyards in an exterior lighting scheme. Their softer glow can be more natural looking than other types of lights used in exterior lighting. They are available in various colors, and if a backyard has a pond or pool, there are waterproof LED lights that the lighting technicians at Innovative Lighting & Design love using.


Waterproof LED lights typically last for up to 50,000 hours and conserve more energy than other types. Waterproof LED lights are also safer to use for lighting elements that are closer to bodies of water in a backyard.

Benefits of LED Exterior Lighting

LED lights are available in a wide range of fixtures and can be incorporated into any exterior lighting scheme for a backyard. LED lights are safer to use in a backyard because when they break they don’t emit any harmful gases or mercury which can be toxic to children or pets. They work on solid state technology, so they don’t need to be encased in glass and usually have plastic fixtures. They are a safe and environmentally friendly way to illuminate a backyard in an exterior lighting scheme, and as their prices continue to drop they will continue to be seen more often in backyard and other outdoor exterior lighting schemes.

Let the expert lighting technicians at Innovative Lighting & Design install LED lights to give your backyard that romance, drama and atmosphere that you are looking for!