Boards of Directors and Community Managers will agree that the right lighting not only adds subtle beauty, but can also deter crime and make home owners more comfortable in their neighborhood.  If you are looking to create an attractive lighting atmosphere or wanting to repair old fixtures, Innovative Lighting & Electric can offer you nearly 30 years of combined experienced in lighting design and electrical services.

There are many ways to implement indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting effectively for security or attractiveness. Some of these areas include: gyms, pools, dog parks, tennis courts, walking paths, and guard tower areas.

Careful planning and selecting the appropriate fixtures are keys.  Our lighting specialists can offer you a free estimate with valuable and honest input on what can be arranged to better light your community.  We also follow up with regular maintenance plans that best fit your lighting needs. With our maintenance plans, your community will continue to shine bright all year long while the worry and stress of replacing bulbs and maintaining fixtures is alleviated.

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