Your backyard oasis is intended to be a relaxing getaway spot right in your home. When it is properly illuminated with exterior lighting it can serve as a great social gathering and dining area in the evenings. Working with a professional landscape lighting company can help you come up with the most effective and appealing exterior lighting layout for your backyard oasis. Here are a few tips to get you started on designing your backyard oasis exterior lighting project.

Even if you have just a small porch, which is the simplest layout for a backyard oasis, it will need proper exterior lighting. You will want to make sure that your porch area is full illuminated with ambient exterior lighting to provide enough lighting for people on the porch and to illuminate the doorway to the home. You might also want to illuminate parts of your lawn or garden as well for additional gathering room at night.

For an elaborate backyard oasis that includes an outdoor kitchen and other areas, you will need to make sure that those areas are adequately illuminated for safety, with lighting over the food prep and grilling areas. If you have a dining area in your outdoor oasis, it will need to be illuminated with downlights so that there is enough light to eat during the evenings. Dimmable lamps and candlelights can be included around the table areas as well to create a more relaxed feeling with the exterior lighting.

Waterproof LED lighting has become the standard exterior lighting technique for pools or ponds. In-pool waterproof LED lightings can be installed in combination with overhead lights to make your nighttime oasis more elegant. In-pool lighting can allow for nighttime swimming and is a great way to add additional lighting to your pool, but it should be installed by professionals, as there are many risks to working with water and electricity. GFCI outlets and low voltage lighting are normally used for exterior lighting around water.

The exterior lighting layout that you decide to come up with should be designed primarily for safety and secondly for visual appeal. With the proper exterior lighting techniques and help from a professional landscape lighting company, you can create a beautiful backyard oasis for your family and guests that can serve as a mini-vacation spot right in your home’s backyard.

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