Using outdoor landscape lighting as part of your architecture and design of your commercial Phoenix properties is about more than just function. Buildings can be made to be ascetically pleasing and inspire people to come inside — and a major way to do that is through the use of outdoor landscape lighting. Designers frequently use outdoor fixtures and commercial outdoor landscape lighting fixtures as an integral part of the design scheme of buildings and structures of all kinds.

In addition to inspiring people to come in because of the added visual appeal of outdoor landscape lighting, a well lit property also provides a higher level of safety and security for the building itself and the people around it. Here’s the outdoor landscape lighting elements that have the biggest impact on commercial property design of Phoenix buildings.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Flood Lights

A flood light will fill an area with lighting and these lights are usually bright enough to light the entire area as brightly as daytime light. Flood lights are frequently seen around Phoenix sports arenas, parking lots, and school fields. Although they may seem monotonous enough, if the flood lights are placed correctly, they can improve the look of the building and increase security as well.

Entrance Lighting

Entrance lighting is used most often at the doorways of Phoenix buildings — placed above and to the sides of the main entrances. These kinds of outdoor landscape lighting lights are frequently used as a part of the building’s structure to make the entrances more visible and safer as well.

Pathway Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting with pathway lights makes it easier to see sidewalks and walkways but can also be an attractive addition to the scenery around the building. All kinds of pathways (paved, tiled, gravel, etc.) can benefit ascetically from the addition of pathway lights while making it safer for people to walk on them in the dark. Pathway outdoor landscape lighting may be designed as an integration with the path, elevated above the pathway to shine down on the area, or lining the walkway.

Just as Decoration

There are some kinds of outdoor landscape lighting that is just there for decoration and have no real utility. This kind of lighting option provides the Phoenix designer with endless choices to build eye catching designs for the day or night. Kinds of lighting for decoration includes silhouette lighting, spot lighting, and sconce lighting.