Ceilings fans are a “must have” in Arizona’s hot climate, so why wait? They are one of the most popular and generally well regarded of all home energy efficiency features. Ceiling fans add décor while enhancing comfort for you and your family.  During summer or winter you can change the direction and speed to help better suit your temperature needs.

There are so many options in choosing a style and type, it can actually be fun! Based on the type of model you get they can also be energy efficient.  In fact ENERGY STAR labeled lighting, in most cases, will cut your fan’s total lighting energy use by 60 – 80%. Innovative Lighting & Electric works with the top manufacturers and retailers to be able to offer you the right ceiling fan for your budget and style.

Quick Tip: Fans are for people, not rooms. Room air temperatures are normally 20°F – 30°F cooler than body temperature. Ceiling fans can improve occupant comfort at a given room temperature by creating a wind-chill effect when they blow relatively cool air across the skin. So when you leave the room, switch the fan and its light off, you’ll save energy and money!