Lighting is a fundamental element in any room, however, lighting in the bathroom can be particularly important when starting each day; whether you’re trying to differentiate colors for makeup application or have enough light to shave your face.  With that said, you’ll need to decide on task lighting around the vanity.  Recessed cans are not a good idea, because they cast shadows on the face.  Beautiful sconces on the sides of your mirror or lights at the top of the mirror would work well. Overhead fixtures are good for overall bathroom lighting and you can get creative with modern pendants or mini chandeliers! With so many choices for fixtures you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality.  Innovative Lighting & Electric specializes in helping you find the right fixture(s) for your budget.

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Bonus tips:  Makes sure your bulbs are giving off a crisp white light and not a yellowish glow.  Large mirrors help reflect light so your bathroom appears brighter.