Outdoor lighting can add drama to your landscape and draws attention to the best features of your landscape. Outdoor lighting can be installed by the Phoenix professionals at Innovative Lighting & Design, INC, and there are a number of different options that you can use for your outdoor lighting scheme such as wall lights, up and down lights, flood lights and more.

Utilizing Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is one form of outdoor lighting that is effective at creating a theatrical and dramatic look to your landscape. Accent lighting involves using up or down lighting in a specific angle to point out an architectural feature. There are a number of angling methods that can be used to create beauty and a dramatic look with outdoor accent lighting. For instance, a narrow beam directed at the foot of a statue can create a glowing aura at night.

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The accent lighting scheme should create specific focal points at night. At least one special feature should be used as a focal point or area of focus for the viewer. A statue, bird bath, sculpture, outdoor pond, tree, garden or any other landscape feature can be used for the focal point. Multiple focal points can be used in an accent lighting scheme or just a single focal point.

Any feature of a lawn can be highlighted with accent lighting such as a decorative rock, a tree, sculpture, outdoor walkway, and other features. Spot lights are often used for accent lighting. The fixtures that are selected for accent lighting should be carefully picked to match the scheme of the landscape. The fixtures’ design should not draw attention from the features that they are highlighting.

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The lighting pattern should flow, meaning that it should not have random spots of darkness but a clearly lit region that lights up focal points and offers a clear pathway to the home for guests. Accent lights along the walkway to a door can make guests feel more comfortable and offers a pleasing and appealing look to a home. The lights should not be placed in a straight line which can lead to a runway look, but more of a staggered pattern.

Accent lighting is often overlooked in how effective it can be in improving a home’s landscape. For those who have guests over regularly it is an easy way to make them feel more welcomed and connected to a home. For those who prefer a quieter, more serene atmosphere, accent lighting can create the illusion of constant vacation. Accent lighting should always be subtle but should draw attention to the best features of a landscape. Properly designed accent lighting can be warm and inviting to guests and make a home’s landscape much more attractive and appealing to viewers.