On February 19th Arizona Association of Community Managers held their 13th Annual HOPE Grant Golf Tournament at Starfire Golf Club.  ‘HOPE’ (Homeowners Outreach Program Enterprise) is a grant created by AACM members and affiliate partners as a means to establish an outreach to qualified homeowners that need financial support and/or property maintenance assistance. Qualified homeowners submit their applications to their homeowner board of directors, who will then apply for the AACM ‘HOPE’ Grant. To learn more about the HOPE Grant visit https://www.aacm.com/hope-grant

As a member of the AACM, ILD was able to sponsor King Hole 4, a par 3 hole. This year we held a contest for whoever could make it on the green (no mulligans!) won a custom Titleist Pro V1 that has ILD’s logo.  Also, by trading business cards, golfers were entered to win a $200 service call! Being able to participate in this event not only allowed ILD to get involved with a great cause but also gives us the opportunity to inform many of the participants about lighting systems, LED lighting and the benefits that home owners and businesses can derive from our services.


Thanks AACM! We look forward to seeing you next year!