On April 11th, 2014, Arizona Association of Community Managers hosted its annual HOPE golf tournament. This event is one in which ILD very much enjoys participating in as a sponsor because it not only helps to raise money for a good cause but also allows us to get out of the office, enjoys Arizona’s beautiful weather and watch some golf.

The HOPE (Homeowner Outreach Program Enterprise) Grant was established by the AACM to provide support for home owners and communities that are facing financial hardships. This has allowed countless communities to bounce back and assisted home owners who have gone through health issues or times of absences while serving our country, while helping to create a strong bond between the home owners, community leader and board members.

As a member of the AACM, ILD was able to sponsor one of the competition holes. This year we were on the long distance contest hole, which awarded a prize to the male and female who was able to hit the longest drive at King Hole 1, a par 5 hole. Being able to participate in this event not only allowed ILD to get involved with a great cause but also gives us the opportunity to inform many of the participants about lighting systems, LED lighting and the benefits that home owners and businesses can derive from our services.