For high end homes in Scottsdale, AZ, outdoor lighting can be a wonderful way to bring out the best features of the home at night. Well-designed high end exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ setups can create a breathtaking scene at night and improve security and safety for a home. Below are three top design trends that high end homes often use to set up exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ:

Home as the central feature

Many layouts for exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ highlight the high end home as the central feature. The exterior lights are used to highlight the particular features of the home that stand out. Many high end homes look beautiful in the daytime, and by focusing on the home’s best elements it maintains the home’s visible beauty in the evening. The different landscape elements are illuminated to stand as supporting elements to the home, which is the main feature. With this layout, the home should not be over-illuminated. A good design for exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ that focuses on the home will incorporate both home and landscape elements in some degree.

Highlighting plants and landscape elements

Some lighting professionals prefer to highlight the landscape instead of the home. The natural elements of a landscape can be more of a focus for a home that uses exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ.  This type of landscape design is an alternative to highlighting the home, and it can work equally well depending on the outdoor landscape elements that are available for illumination. Many high end homes may have elements like statues, fountains, walkways, gardens, and other elements that can be expertly illuminated to be the center of attention in a design for exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ.

Balancing both the home and landscape elements

Some landscape designers attempt to highlight both the home and outdoor elements equally, and this can work for many exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ layouts. Certain features of a home and landscape can be used as balanced focal points for exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ. Neither the home nor the landscape has the majority of the focus, but the best features of both are naturally highlighted in the design. This is a common approach in many designs for exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ and works for many high end homes. If you are interested in exterior lighting in Scottsdale, AZ, an experienced landscape lighting designer can help you come up with the best layout for your particular high end home.