Lighting constitutes one of the largest portions of energy expenses, an area that homeowners and businesses can greatly reduce their costs by making easy and beneficial changes. Simply by converting to LED lighting, energy costs can be reduced by as much as 35% annually, not to mention the reduced costs in maintenance. LED bulbs have a lifespan that is 8 to 10 times longer than conventional halogen bulbs, dropping the costs of purchasing replacement bulbs and the time spent to manually change out the lights. With LEDs also now being in the 4th and 5th generations, the quality of light and range of color options far surpasses that of conventional halogen and CFLs.

Another benefit for businesses is the availability of rebates through SRP and APS when switching to more energy efficient products. As a Trade Alliance Partner, ILE is able to provide our customer with an energy assessment, inspecting the areas of your business that improvements can be made and putting together a plan to meet your business’ needs. After submitting the assessment, we will gain a “Pre-Approval” for your rebate, establishing the true costs and energy reduction for your project.

Case Study: Sylvania Ultra High Performance LED PAR38 Lamps:

Boston-Interiors photoTotal energy & maintenance savings per year:
Energy savings per year:
48,315 kWh
Environmental savings per year:
61,022 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO )

In addition to cost savings, the LED lighting has enabled Boston Interiors to reduce its carbon footprint, as the company is committed to green initiatives. The retrofit is a major contributor in helping reduce the store’s energy consumption by 48,315 kilowatt hours (kWh), the equivalent of 61,022 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2). With the success of this installation, Boston Interiors is now planning to retrofit its Hanover and Saugus stores in the coming months, further expanding its cost and environmental savings across multiple store locations (Boston Interiors).

Case Study: Ultra RT6 Gimbal LED Recessed Downlight Kits and Ultra LED Lamps:

Annual energy cost savings:
$17,970.00* (based on $0.99/kWh)
Annual kWh savings:
199,665 kWh
Equivalent CO2 emissions averaged per year:
306,052 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2)

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum is now enjoying beautiful long-life light and annual energy cost savings of $17,970.00, thanks to the LED technology from OSRAM SYLVANIA. As a result, the museum is exploring other OSRAM SYLVANIA solutions for the facility. “We are very proud of our museum and the new lighting showcases the exhibits perfectly. Our LED lamps from OSRAM SYLVANIA not only outperform the previous technologies, but they will deliver significant savings we can utilize to develop new exhibits or bring artifacts to life in ways previously unexplored,” said Cleveland (Kalamazoo Valley Museum).

Westin Boston Hotel photo

Case Study: Sylvania Ultra High Performance LED PAR & MR16 Lamps:

Annual energy cost savings:
Annual kWh savings:

401,615 kWh
Equivalent CO2 emissions averaged per year:
507,204 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2)

The Westin Boston Waterfront was able to take significant steps towards achieving the goals set out by the Starwood Hotels “30/20/20 Plan.” By working with OSRAM SYLVANIA on acomplete LED lighting retrofit, The Westin Boston Waterfront in Boston, MA has reduced the property’s lighting energy consumption by nearly 80 percent, saving nearly $50,000 per year – all while giving associates and guests warm, high-quality illumination all around the hotel (The Westin Boston).

Case Studies provided by Ostram Sylvania:

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